Indy Power Rankings for the Week of April 21st, 2014

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of April 21st, 2014

1. Melvin Maximus-Finally “the Rodney Dangerfield of the Indy Power Rankings” gets his respect again! Oddly enough he gets voted in at #1 on a slower week where he only wrestled (and won) one match. While there were certainly a lot of other worthy contenders, every single “official voter” had the OVW TV Champion at or near #1 on their ballot. It truly has been a “Marvelous” run for the champ after 31 straight wins.

2. Ricochet-Hard to believe he’s not #1 this week after the run he’s had, but clearly it’s not over yet. He’s still the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate AND Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Champion. A 2-1 record over the weekend did very little to hurt his status in the Top 10. He is 19-1 in Japan in 2014 and 26-6 in his last 32 matches, overall. “The King” isn’t dead…just sitting a little lower for the time being. #8 in the online poll.

3. Adam Cole-Amazingly, the ROH and PWG World Champion still has not reached the #1 spot in 2014. It’s not that he isn’t still a HUGE name…it’s possibly that his win-loss record hasn’t been as impressive as last year, BUT with that being said, he’s now on a 5 match winning streak. Cole defeated Delirious at ROH Future of Honor 1 on 4/18 and Jimmy Jacobs and Mark Briscoe in a Non-Title 3 Way Elimination Match at ROH Second to None on 4/19. He is 9-3 in singles competition in 2014 and 11-7 overall. It seems that it would just take a string of weeks where he’s actively competing for him to inevitably reached #1 again.
4. Jason Kincaid-The NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion did what he had to do to get back in the Top 10 and he did it in an impressive fashion. He won the NWA Smoky Mountain Cup on 4/19 defeating Fred Yehi in the opening round, then moving on to defeat Sugar Dunkerton, Joe Black, Chris Richards, Zac Vincent, and NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Chase Owens in a 6 Way Elimination Final. Those are some impressive names to get through and as we state many times in this write-up, on another week he may have reached #1 had it not been for heavy competition all over the indies. Perhaps winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title with his future title shot could get him that elusive #1? He was #1 in the fan poll this week with 139 votes and he is People’s Champ.

5. Shane Hollister-At the start of the year, “The Shug” was getting a ton of respect from the voters. Fast-forward to now and he’s holding the AAW Heavyweight AND SCW Heavyweight Titles and yet he has not been able to climb the ladder each week. Why? Hard to say, but when AAW comes up again, that will be the ultimate test to see if he can jump up the Top 10 rankings once again. He defeated JJ Garrett at Mississippi Valley Wrestling on 4/19 to extend his run in the Indy Power Rankings.

6. Aaron Williams-The Rockstar Pro Champion has been noticeably absent from the Top 10 the last several weeks after a slight slump, but he’s righted the ship and he’s firing on all cylinders now. He defeated last week’s #10 Benjamin Kimera and Gerome Phillips in a 3 Way Tag Team Match also involving Kyle Craven & Kyron. He also defeated last week’s #8 Heidi Lovelace at TCW on 4/18. He has won 4 straight matches and with both the blessing (and the curse) of almost guaranteed weekly shows, he has many chances to climb to his first #1 ranking.

7. Michael Elgin-It seems like it’s been forever since we saw the 2013 IPR 100 #1 hit the Top 10. It really hasn’t been as long as it seems, but this week, he broke through again. “Unbreakable” once again proved to be just that as he defeated AJ Styles at ROH on 4/19 and then went to Beyond Wrestling where he defeated Zakk Sawyers, Christian Rose, and Matt Cage in a 4 Way on 4/20. Pretty impressive weekend for a guy who has been splitting his time between dominating in tags at AAW and being pretty successful in singles everywhere else.

8. Uhaa Nation-“The One Man Nation” went 2-1 over the weekend at Dragon Gate and despite the loss, he was still shown a lot of respect by the “official” voters this week. It’s hard to argue with the numbers he has put up as he is the winner of 16 of his last 19 matches with a 27-13 record in 2014. The big man is still looking for his first #1 ranking, but at this point, with the type of record he has, it seems unlikely that he would not get that #1 spot at some point this year.

9. Vinny Marseglia-What a weekend for the TRP Heavyweight Champion as he successfully defended his title vs. Ryan Waters, but perhaps even more importantly, made a great impression at ROH with two big wins, teaming with Jimmy Nutts & Nick Blackwell to defeat Ken Phoenix, Sam Shields, & Tim Donst on 4/18, and then teaming with Jay Diesel & Moose to defeat Team Benchmark & Zizou Middoux on 4/19. Look for more big things from him for the rest of 2014.

10. Ivelisse-The SHINE Champion’s week off last week may have cost her a higher spot in the rankings, but the official voters definitely remembered what she did 2 weeks ago. She has won 9 straight matches after her win vs. Saraya Knight at SHINE 18 on 4/19. It’s been an impressive run for the champ. #10 in the online poll.

Honorable Mention. Barrett Brown-The ACW Hardcore Champion came just 16 votes shy (and it was much closer than that if you watched the poll for the last 30 minutes it was open) of becoming this week’s People’s Champion. 123 votes in the online poll.

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
James Anthony-#3 in the online poll
Matt Hardy
Nick Ando
Mace Malone-#4 in the online poll
John McChesney-#5 in the online poll
Kevin Steen
Jay Lethal
Arik Royal
Kellie Skater
Matt Cross
Blake Steel
Jordynne Grace
John Rare-#7 in the online poll
Barbi Hayden-#6 in the online poll
Kiki Rose-#9 in the online poll
Jake Parnell
Trevor Lee
Ruff Crossing
Shane Strickland
Jake Dirden

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