4/12 MMWA Results

credit to @TheBenSimon:

Stevie K d. Mephisto

Stevie K d. Mephisto by countout(immediate rematch)

Barackus d. Dave Osborne

A.J. Williams won 4-way w/ Evan Gelistico/Laurence Johnson/J-Mal Swagg

Andrew Wilder won 3-way w/ Chase King/Everett Connors

Moondog Rover d. Jimmy D

Jackson Whitechapel/Sean Orleans d. Da’Marius Jones/Jake Dempsey

Gary Jackson/Brian James d. Brandon Espinosa/Ace Hawkins

4/12 Fierce Females Results

No.1 Contender Tournament Semi-Final – Viper defeated Debbie Sharpe by Pinfall to advance to the final of the No.1 Contender tournament.

No.1 Contender Tournament Semi-Final – Sammii Jayne defeated Bete Noire by Pinfall to advance to the final of the No.1 Contender tournament.

Sara defeated Leah Owens by Pinfall.

Carmel defeated Kasey Owens by Submission.

Courtney defeated Fiona Fraser by Pinfall.

No.1 Contender Tournament Final – Sammii Jayne defeated Viper by Pinfall to become the No.1 Contender to the Fierce Females Championship.

4/13 IWA Mid-South Thunder after Thunder Results

Credit: Robbie Strothman

Russ Jones won a 7 way scramble vs Ace Perry, Sean Tyler, Knight Wagner and 3 other competitors

Viking War Party beat Joseph Schwartz/Chase Matthews And Marcus Edwards/Josh Crowe in a 3 Way Tag

Jordynne Grace defeated Kaden Sade

Christian Rose battled Danny Cannon to a 15 min. draw. They got 5 more minutes, battled to a double knockout/10 count. DRAW

Mickie Knuckles beat Randi West in a Strap Match

Shane Mercer pinned Hurricane Helms

In the Tag Gauntlet: #5 in the Tag Team Top 5 Team IOU over Submission Squad. Team IOU over Alex Castle/Frank Wyatt. Team IOU over Hooligans to win it. White America beat down IOU post match.

Reed Bentley beat Jeff Jarrett by submission/screw job.

Kongo Kong beat Corporal Robinson in a Tables Match

BJ Whitmer beat Drake Younger


4/13 PROGRESS Results

Natural Progression Series Qualifier – Shen Woo defeated Lucha Dave by Pinfall to qualify for the Natural Progression Series.

“The Omega” Isaac Zercher’s 5 Minute Challenge – Isaac Zercher defeated Tyson (unknown surname) by Pinfall.

Winner Enters The Four-Way Progress Tag Team Championship No.1 Contenders Match At Chapter 13 – Swords Of Essex defeated The Bhangra Knights by Pinfall.

Natural Progression Series Qualifier – Chuck Mambo defeated Mark Hendry by Pinfall to qualify for the Natural Progression Series.

Steve Burden defeated The Warden by Pinfall.

Triple Threat – Eddie Dennis defeated Pastor William Eaver & Josh Bodom by Pinfall.

4/12 Excellence Spring Fling Results

Singles Match
Cheeseburger defeats Jay Diesel (5:39)

Tag Team Match
One Night Only (Anthony Gangone & Marq Quen) defeat Dan Champion & Zizou Middoux (10:22)

Singles Match
Missile Assault Ant defeats Mark Angelosetti (11:34)

Three Way Match
The Estonian ThunderFrog defeats assailANT and Eric Corvis (17:36)

Singles Match
Juan Francisco de Coronado defeats Smiley (9:59)

Six Man Tag Team Match
Hallowicked, Icarus & Kid Cyclone defeat Assad King, Blaster McMassive & Oleg The Usurper (16:00)

4/11 NCW Results

Singles Match
Tomahawk defeats Pacifico

Singles Match
Mike McCarthy defeats Beau Douglas

Tag Team Match
The BLT (Ruy Batello & The Lumberjake) defeat The Underground Anarchy (Dominic Delano & Tim Lennox) (w/Sean Feeney)

Singles Match
Todd Sople defeats Rocco Abruzzi (w/Slash Sullivan)

Tag Team Match
The Loomis Brothers (David Loomis & Eddie Loomis) defeat The Inglorious Dastards (Brandon Behm & Tony Caruso) by DQ

Singles Match
Steve Weiner defeats Sean Feeney

NCW New England Title Match
Rob Araujo (c) defeats Triplelicious

NCW Tag Team Title Match
Back To The Fuzion (Anthony Greene & Mike Paiva) (c) defeat GLAM (Dan Terry & Michelle Mullet)

NCW Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Title Match
Mike McCarthy defeats Tomahawk


4/12 NECW Results

NECW “Spring Into Action” Results

Credit: Randy Carver, Jr.

1. Todo Loco def. Cory Ward
2. THE END def. Brandino Davis & Mi’cheal Mullet
3. “Masshole” Mike McCarthy & Beau Douglas def. Johnny Thunder & Tim Lennoux
4. “The One Man Thrill Ride” Jimmy Preston def. Dan Terry
5. Kasey Ray def. Nikki Valentine
6. Antonio “The Promise” Thomas & Brad Hollister def. “The Canadian Sensation” Jeremy Prophet & “The One Man Lynch Mob” Jack Maverick