4/11 AAW Results


OI4K defeated Los Ben Dejos

Eddie Kingston defeats Ty Colton

#9 in the Indy Power Rankings Athena and Heidi Lovelace vs. Nevaeh and Havok-Athena and Heidi win

ACH beat Silas Young after a distraction from Eddie Kingston

Kyle O’Reilly pinned Alex Shelley

AAW Heritage Title: Knight Wagner, Juntai Miller, Christian Faith, CJ Esparza, Louis Lyndon & (c) Matt Cage-Matt Cage retains

Saraya Knight beat Arik Cannon in a Street Fight

Men of the Year (Michael Elgin and Ethan Page) beat Lince Dorado and Rich Swann to retain the AAW Tag Team Titles

Ryan Boz defeats Markus Crane

#4 in the Indy Power Rankings Shane Hollister defeated Jimmy Jacobs to retain the AAW Heavyweight Title


4/11 Chaotic Wrestling Results

Credit: Twitter.com/ageoforton34

Julian Starr beat Biff Busick

Hanson defeated Mikey Webb

Sean Burke beat Donovan Dijak

The Scene beat The Logan Brothers to retain the CW Tag Team Titles

Adam Booker beat a member of the Chaotic news team

Kasey Ray defeated Davienne Long by submission to retain the CW Women’s Title

Mark Shurman, Scotty Slade, and Tommaso Ciampa beat Brian Fury, Matt Taven, and Vinny Marseglia

4/10 EPW Results

Credit: Nick Maniwa

Official results for Evolution Pro Wrestling’s Child’s Play 4/10/14

1) “Diamond Cut” ACE PERRY def. “The Man with Too Many Monikers” MARCUS EDWARDS with a superkick to continue his winning ways in singles action.

REED BENTLEY made his way to the ring with JOSH CRANE, HEIDI LOVELACE & REFEREE JOHN GRAY and asked who the opponent for his open challenge is. LOVELACE raised her hand behind BENTLEY, willing to accept the challenge. BENTLEY & his cohorts browbeat her until she put her hand down. The music of HY-ZAYA hit and he made his way out to the ring. He was willing to accept the open challenge. Some strong words were exchanged between both men. BENTLEY told HY-ZAYA to cross the line, HY-ZAYA did and just then, JOSH CRANE came from behind and attacked HY-ZAYA. BENTLEY jumped out of the ring, told REFEREE JOHN GRAY to ring the bell and the next match had started.

2) HY-ZAYA def. JOSH CRANE. JOSH CRANE was in control for most of the match until he made a mistake and HY-ZAYA capitalized on it. HY-ZAYA beat Crane with a spinebuster to win the match.

After this match, BENTLEY & company were leaving the arena when IAN ROTTEN’s music hit. Ian informed the crowd that he was gonna take the open challenge. BENTLEY refused. ROTTEN then said since MAD MAN PONDO wasn’t in the country, he was gonna take the spot vs. REFEREE JOHN GRAY and HEIDI LOVELACE. He didn’t want to do it to LOVELACE, he wanted his hands on Gray after all his shenanigans at IWAMS. He wanted to make it a fair fight and brought out SABRINA SIXX to be his tag team partner.

3) HEIDI LOVELACE & REFEREE JOHN GRAY def. SABRINA SIXX & IAN ROTTEN. The closing moments of the match came when HEIDI LOVELACE hit a tope on BENTLEY (by accident?), it all broke down. Tripp Cassidy made his way out to beat on Rotten, JOSH CRANE got involved, Johnny Sixx came out, BENTLEY was involved, everyone was fighting. SABRINA SIXX looked like she was preparing for a dive when REFEREE JOHN GRAY hit her with a foreign object to get the pin. Gray immediately got up and screamed “I BEAT IAN ROTTEN!”, despite him being outside the ring and him pinning SABRINA SIXX.

SABRINA SIXX got busted open with the foreign object attack but after some medical attention, she was fine by the end of the night for all the fans that were worried.

4) “King of the Kegger” DALE PATRICKS def. “The Future” EDDY YOUNG with the sliced bread #2. After the match, the rest of the Joe’s Bros got in the ring and beat down Patricks. JOE PITTMAN picked him up and told MARCUS EDWARDS to go up top for a spiked piledriver. Just as Edwards was about to jump off, PAREDYSE made his suprise return and made the save. PAREDYSE challenged JOE PITTMAN to a match since PITTMAN, who knew PAREDYSE was out of the state, demanded the referee count out PAREDYSE a few months back and declared himself the winner.

5) JOE PITTMAN def. PAREDYSE with a spinning sidewalk slam. Lots of chicanery from The Joe’s Bros in this one. The numbers game was too much for PAREDYSE and he got caught by PITTMAN.

REED BENTLEY made his way out to the ring again. Announced that now he was ready to see who would answer his open challenge. “Diamond Cut” ACE PERRY made his way out to the ring. Little known fact, ACE PERRY is undefeated in singles action at Evolution Pro Wrestling, as is Reed “By God” BENTLEY. BENTLEY said that ACE PERRY had already wrestled, it wouldn’t be a fair fight. Had his back turned to the entrance way when JAMIN OLIVENCIA made his way out to the ring, rolled up BENTLEY for a quick 2 and the next match was underway.

6) REED BENTLEY def. JAMIN OLIVENCIA with the Reed Awakening in a stellar contest. These two men were throwing some blows in this one, folks! After the match, JAMIN OLIVENCIA asked the fans if they wanted him full time at EVOLUTION PRO WRESTLING? The answer? A resounding yes from the crowd.

7) TRIPP CASSIDY def. CHRISTIAN SKYFIRE for the EPW OPENWEIGHT TITLE in a TOY BOX DEATHMATCH. This one went all over the arena, into the bathroom, through every standing chair in the place. CASSIDY received a sunset bomb onto all the toys but only got SKYFIRE a 2 count. The end came when CASSIDY put SKYFIRE in a crossface and had a jump rope around his neck, causing the tap out.


The full show will be up on our Youtube channel- Youtube.com/EvoProWrestling1 in the coming days.

EVOLUTION PRO will not be having a show of our own at JAMMERZ in May. EPW and IWAMS are joining forces once again to do a benefit show for Leanna Berlin (as she battles with cancer for her 3rd time) and Skyler Shelton (a young man who was part of the Jammerz family who passed away recently). Already signed for the show is the “One Legged Wonder” ZACH GOWEN.

EVOLUTION PRO WRESTLING RETURNS TO THE RUSTIC FROG on MAY 31ST! On this show, we will feature a qualifying match for the IWA MIDSOUTH KING OF THE DEATHMATCHES. Details on that one will come soon! We’re working on a lot of fun stuff for this one. Be sure to follow us on Twitter- @EvoProWrestling & like our facebook fanpage- Facebook.com/EvolutionProWrestling to keep up on all the news for MAY 18th and MAY 31ST!


4/9 CWF Hollywood Results

CWFH Heritage Heavyweight Title Match
Ricky Mandel (c) defeats Nick Madrid (w/The Vermin)

Two On One Handicap Match
Othello (w/Stu Stone) defeats Eli & Omar

Singles Match
Alexander Paul defeats Brian Weston

Singles Match
Adam Pearce defeats Anderson Cruz

CWFH International Television Title Match
Joey Ryan (c) defeats Ethan HD