4/9 Rockstar Pro “Amped” Results


Amped Results:

1) Dave Crist/Ron Mathis defeated #Spotlight

2) Nate Wings defeated Great American Beast/Matt Brannigan in a triple threat

3) Ganger defeated Jarrod Harris

4) Jeremy Madrox defeated Draven

5) Josh Crane/Ace Perry/Benjamin Kimera defeated Revolution/G-Force

6) Kyle Craven/Kyron defeated Jim Hutchinson

7) Jon Murray/Bruce Grey defeated Zak Spades/Aaron Williams

8) Pompano Joe defeated Tom McClane

4/10 Dragon Gate Results

Credit: http://www.iheartdg.com

0. Yosuke ❤ Santa Maria (4:34 Zona Rosa) defeated Mondai Ryu

1. K-ness, Super Shisa{W}, Ryotsu Shimizu (12:09 Yoshitonic) beat T-Hawk, Flamita, Eita{L}

2. Masaaki Mochizuki{W}, Gamma (11:56 Palm Strike) beat Akira Tozawa, Shingo Takagi{L}

3. CIMA{W}, Don Fujii (8:59 Modified Cross Arm Breaker) defeated Jimmy Kanda, Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin{L}

4. Masato Yoshino{W}and #6 in the Indy Power Rankings Uhaa Nation (12:06 School Boy) beat Naruki Doi, BxB Hulk{L}

5. DEAD or ALIVE Cage Match Selection 6 Way Match: YAMATO vs. Cyber Kong vs. Shachihoko BOY vs. Dragon Kid vs. Jimmy Susumu vs. Jimmy Kagetora
-Kagetora (Kagenui) Kong
-YAMATO (Pin) Shachihoko BOY

The card had to be changed around a bit due to the injury to U-T and some travel issues that prevented Ricochet from arriving in Japan on time.

Mochizuki bragged about knocking out Tozawa last week in Kobe and Takagi today. He asked for a Twin Gate match for MochiFujii. Tozawa accepted, and they mutually agreed to do it at DEAD or ALIVE. Mochizuki said that even at a combined age of 88 years old, MochiFujii would become the standard bearer for tag teams.

CIMA told Tanizaki & Kanda he would break their arms and legs if he had to in oder to protect his scapegoat. Kanda got on Tanizaki for losing, saying he felt sorry for Kagetora as his scapegoat. Tanizaki promised to emerge from the cage, with or without help from Kanda.

The first two men to score a pin or submission in the 6 way were removed from their scapegoat commitment. Their competitor drew a new name. Tanizaki drew Horiguchi with his new pick. Doi drew Kzy with his.

The scapegoats are now:

CIMA – Dragon Kid
Yoshino – Shachihoko BOY
Tanizaki – Horiguchi
Kanda – Susumu
Doi – Kzy
Hulk – Kong

4/9 OVW TV Taping Results

Credit: @TheBrianCannon

Dark Match-Aaron Sky beat Randy Royal by Pinfall

Dark Match-Eddie Diamond beat Ral LaMotta by Submission

Dark Match-Tony Gunn defeated Deonta Davis by Pinfall

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions/Tag Team Top 5 People’s Champs Dylan Bostic & The Mexicutioner defeated Elvis Pridemore & Leon Shelly by Pinfall

OVW TV Champion/#2 in the Indy Power Rankings Melvin Maximus beat Nick Dumeyer to retain the title by Submission

Flash Flanagan & Trailer Park Trash defeated The Bodyguy & Big Jon by Pinfall

“The Sky Walkers” (Aaron Sky & Robbie Walker) defeated J. Best & DApper Dan by Pinfall

OVW Heavyweight Champion Marcus Anthony defeated Ryan Howe to retain the title by Submission

Dark Match-The Bodyguy & Big Jon defeated Bud Dwight & The Assassin