3/29 Uproar Pro Wrestling Results

Tag Team Match
The Heartbreak Enterprise (Maxx Stardom & London Vice) defeated Generation Genesis (Mitch Mitchell & Jeff Boom).

Singles Match
Shayne Swyft defeated Oliver Cain.

Singles Match
Shawn Prime defeated Alex Chamberlain.

Singles Match
Special Guest Referee: Solo Darling
Justine Silver defeated Leva Bates.

Tag Team Match
Team Lucha (Cruz & Rios) defeated Eddie Graves & Aaron Agony (w/Raymond Snow).

Singles Match
Jay Lethal defeated QT Marshall.

Fast Track Rumble – Winner Has A Bye To The Finals Of The UPROAR Championship Tournament
Eddie Graves defeated London Vice, Shayne Swyft, Jesse Sorensen, Oliver Cain, Michael Patrick, Jaison Moore, Rob Love, Shawn Prime, Edward Malken, Maxx Stardom, Vincent Lewis, Leo Brien, Alex Chamberlain, Evan Starsmore, Jason Falcone, QT Marshall, Mike Reed and Jay Lethal to win the Fast Track Rumble.

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