3/29 ICW Still Smokin’ Results

Credit: WrestleRopes

Joe Coffey defeated Brian Kendrick by Pinfall.

Following the match, James Scott came to the ring an challenged Joe Coffey to one more match before attacking him.

Lionheart spoke to the crowd and thanked them, only to be interrupted by Jackie Polo who introduced Mark Coffey. The lights went out and Prince Devitt was in the ring when they came back on.

Zero-G Championship – Prince Devitt defeated Mark Coffey by Pinfall to win the Zero-G Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

Paul London defeated Kid Fite by Pinfall.

ICW Tag Team Championship – Ladder Match – Sumerian Death Squad defeated The Bucky Boys & New Age Kliq to become the new ICW Tag Team Champions. *NEW CHAMPION*

Grado defeated Mikey Whiplash by Submission.

Joe Hendry defeated Damian O’Connor by Pinfall.

ICW Heavyweight Championship – Fatal Four-Way – Jack Jester defeated Sabu, Wolfgang & Chris Renfrew by Pinfall to retain the ICW Heavyweight Championship.

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