2/26 Rockstar Pro “Amped” Results

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1) Michael defeated Alan Wasylychyn

2) Benjamin Kimera defeated Matt Brannigan

3) Jeremy Madrox defeated Kyle Maverick in karaoke

4) Dale Patricks/Josh Crane vs. Bruce Grey/Jon Murray no contest.

5) Jarrod Harris vs. CW Scott vs. Draven vs. Ron Mathis no contest

6) Gerome Phillips/Chris Hall defeated Lil C/Trice/Pompano Joe

7) Soul Shooters defeated Mason Price/Beast

8) Alex Colon defeated Dave Crist

9) Nate Wings defeated Jake Crist

10) Austin Bradley defeated Tom McClane

11) Aaron Williams defeated Ganger

2/26 OVW TV Taping Results

Dark Match Ryan Howe defeated Randy Royal

Dark Match Shiloh Jonze defeated Aaron Sky

Dark Match Raul LaMotta defeated Robbie Walker

1 Dylan Bostic and Roberto De Luna defeated Deonta Davis and Leon Shelly

2 Lei-D Tapa defeated Ray Lyn

3 OVW Television Title Match Melvin Maximus (c) defeated Eddie Diamond

4 Jamin Olivencia defeated Adam Revolver

Dark Match Marcus Anthony defeated Fabiano Rolento