2/22 Resistance Pro Results

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Tournament Match 1:

DEVYN NICOLE (w/RAPHAEL KING) opened the night against the amazingly athletic ANGLE DUST. Both women set a new level of physicality for the tournament that was hard to match. In the end, NICOLE was able to sneak the victory past her opponent and advance to the next round.

Tournament Match 2:

The “twerkaholic” RAY LYN took on Texas’ own STARR VENUS in a bout that the fans were completely involved in. LYN wanted to dance the night away and completely ignored her opponent which resulted in fan-favorite VENUS picking up a quick victory and moving on to the final.

“The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY came to the ring and let the crowd know that “The Male Model” ASHTON VUITTON was allegedly injured and would not be his opponent this evening. He then issued an open challenge to any member of the RESISTANCE Pro locker room. ERIC ST. VAUGHN came out and was quickly dispatched by EGO. Eventually, JAKE O’ NEILL (w/ SCOTTY “The Kid” YOUNG) came out and took the challenge and the match was on! Lots of great technical back and forth action from both of these amazing athletes highlighted this bout that saw O’NEILL get the surprise victory over the former Heavyweight Champion. To say EGO was upset about his third consecutive loss would be an understatement…

Tournament Match 3:

“Amazing” MARIA and “Hardcore” HEATHER OWENS went at each other as if their lives were on the line. The action went everywhere as they battled all over the ringside area with complete disregard for their own well-being. This proved to be a “fatal mistake” for them both when it was resulted in a double DQ eliminating them from advancing in the tournament!

Tournament Match 4:

AMANDA RODRIGUEZ had the height advantage against her opponent SAMANTHA HEIGHTS, but HEIGHTS more than made up for that in heart! A classic size-advantage mismatch bout that broke the crowd’s heart when RODRIGUEZ’s nefariousness got the best of her opponent resulting in the win.

In the first ever Samuel J. Thompson “Pick Your Poison, Pal!” Battle Royale, the winner won the right to pick their opponent at the next RESISTANCE Pro show. 10 superstars competed including “Mr. M-80″ MARSHE ROCKETT, COBRA, REMI WILKINS, HARDCORE HARRY, BD SMOOTH, “Marvelous” MATT KNICKS, “Big C” CHRIS CASTRO, MAD MAN PONDO, and others. After a ton of crazy collisions and high-impact maneuvers, SCOTTY “The Kid” YOUNG eliminated MAD MAN PONDO to win the bout and challenge his now former “master” JAKE O’ NEILL!

After intermission, Heavyweight Champion JOCEPHUS came to the ring with EVE and performed a revival concert that sent chills to most in the audience. Reminiscent of a Jonestown afternoon soiree, spectators couldn’t be more disturbed by the time it was over.

Tag Team Champions DA SOUL TOUCHAZ (w/C-RED) took on the ever-popular TEAM I.O.U. in yet another title defense for the newly crowned duo. Lots of great action from both teams highlighted this fast-paced affair which was far more competitive than than a lot of fans anticipated. In the end, the champions came out on top and celebrated with new found respect for their opponents.

With the ladies of R-Pro, COL. JESSE CORGAN, and several Chicago Bliss LFL players acting as “lumberjills” for the tournament final, DEVYN NICOLE, AMANDA RODRIGUEZ, and STARR VENUS battled in a three-way-dance to determine the winner of the tournament. The action was hot and heavy – both inside the ring and out – for the entire duration. After getting her nose broken and bleeding all over the ring because of that, STARR VENUS emerged victorious and the newest member of the RESISTANCE Pro roster!

Women’s Champion D’ARCY DIXON entered the ring to present the trophy and welcome her to the company when MICKIE “Moose” KNUCKLES jumped in the ring and tried to steal the spotlight. Eventually ALL of the lumberjills (including the CHICAGO BLISS players!) got in there and were ready to throw down! Order was eventually restored but tension is certainly at a fever-pitch in the R-Pro Women’s Division after that!

2/22 Kamikaze Pro Results

Singles Match T-Bone defeated Robbie X.

Singles Match Bubblegum defeated Mad Man Manson.

Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match The Hunter Brothers (Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter) defeated Dan Moloney & Tyler Bate.

Triple Threat Match Morgan Webster defeated Mason Conrad and Sam Wilder.

Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match The Magnums (Chris Walker & Dick Riley) defeated Damian Dunne & Ryan Smile.

Singles Match Pete Dunne defeated El Ligero.

2/22 NWA Ark-La-Texlive Results

Singles Match Nobe Bryant defeated Ashton Jacobs.

Singles Match Black Bart Jr defeated Jamie Holley.

NWA Ark-La-Tex Championship Match Scott Putski (c) defeated Killer McKenzie.

Singles Match Manimal defeated Hank James.

Singles Match Bree Ann defeated Diamond Icee.

NWA North American Championship Match Kahagas (c) vs. AlexPorteau went to a no contest.

Tag Team Match Kahagas & Scott Putski defeated Killer McKenzie & AlexPorteau.

2/22 AIWF Mid-Atlantic Results

Results 2/22/14 Mt Airy, NC

1. Steve Ankles defeated Travis McDaniel, Scrapyard Dog, Kyle Styles and Jarren Michael in a Riot on Cell Block A match.

2. James Allen & Foxy Roxy defeated Kid Kourageous & El Guano Loco to retain the Mid Atlantic Tag titles.

3. After initially battling to a 15 minute time limit draw, Kevin Phoenix defeated TH Cannon.

4. Court Montgomery successfully defended the Mid Atlantic Cruiserweight Championship against Phil Stamper in a street fight.

5. Sgt. Stryker beat Natural Born Playa.

6. AIWF World Cruiserweight Champion James Anthony defeated Chris Lea.

7. Star City Rollers beat the Young Guns.

8. TR Superstar defeated Justin Flash to win the Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.

2/22 NWA Houston Results

Silky Baines def. Luther Black by pinfall.

The deubuting Americos def. Danny Ramons by pinfall. Americos was attacked by Ramons after the match but Americos regained the upper hand and ran him off.

Jodan def. El Coyote by pinfall.

David Duperon def. DJ King (w/ Silky Baines) by submission. Breaking Point attempted to attack Duperon after the match but he responded with a powering double suplex and a dive to the outside on both men.

Shane Taylor def. Hambone by knockout when Hambone could not answer the 10-count. Hambone had to be carried out of the ring, but was revived thanks to a french fry from a fan.

Jasper Davis def. Chaz Taylor by pinfall.

NWA Lonestar Tag Team Title Match:
Sons of Texas def. Carson and Dell by pinfall. Carson had also pinned Reigns but Claxton and Dell were the legal men. Tony Brooklyn immediately signed the rematch for next month.

NWA Lonestar Heavyweight Title Match:
Byron Wilcott def. Jax Dane thanks to outside interference from Jasper Davis and Shane Taylor.

2/22 NEFW Roses & Wristlocks 3 Results

Singles Match Smiley defeats The Latin Dragon

Tag Team Match Scotty Wild & The Mac defeat Wulfgar & Zachary Pierre Beaulieu

Singles Match Mark Shurman defeats Jimmy Preston

NEFW No Limits Title Four Way Match Mark Quen (c) defeats David Starr and Kris Pyro and Mike Graca

NEFW United States Title Match JT Dunn (c) defeats AJ Cruise and Anthony Gangone and Dave Cole

Tag Team Match Matt Striker & The Dirt Dog defeat Chris Envy & Mike Nice