2/13 EPW Results


Evolution Pro Wrestling’s Valentines with the Superstar
Jammerz Rollerdrome
Clarksville, IN

1) Ace Perry def. Marcus Edwards w/ Mr. Sosa with a super kick on a seated Edwards.

2) Aaron Anders, “King of the Kegger” Dale Patricks & Johnny Rotten Sixx w/ Sabrina Sixx def. #Spotlight (Austin Bradley & Kyle Maverick) & Jerrod Harris w/ Jason Saint.

3) Tripp Cassidy def. Jay West with a running knee strike. After the match, Tripp Cassidy declared that he wanted the EPW Openweight title, currently held by Christian Skyfire.

4) “Superstar” Bill Dundee & “Party Animal” Justin Storm def. Joe Pittman and “The Future” Eddy Young.

5) Christian Skyfire def. Nick Doepp to retain his EPW Openweight title after a buckle bomb and a piledriver. After the match, Jason Saint made his way out to repeat Tripp’s claims about wanting an Openweight title shot. As Skyfire was distracted by Saint, Tripp Cassidy ran in the side door and attacked Skyfire. He then emptied a bag of legos, plastic army men & plastic dinosaurs out in the ring then saito suplexed Skyfire on the pile.

6) Josh Crane def. Zodiak w/ Mistress Burgandi in a hard fought constant with a backslide out of nowhere. This ties the series 1-1 after Zodiak’s win at Holiday Hangover.

7) Mad Man Pondo def. Nate Stone in a no DQ match. Both Reed Bentley & Mad Man Pondo had their matches determined by drawing names out of a bucket. Mad Man Pondo’s original pick of Bruiser Brody was not there but Nate Stone was. They brawled all over Jammerz, even went outside. Pondo def. Stone with his trusty stop sign shot to the head.

8) Reed “By God” Bentley retained the EPW Elite title against “Mean” Mitch Page when the referee reversed the decision. The end came when referee Josh Berlin was inadvertently knocked down, which gave Bentley the opportunity to pull a pair of brass knucks out of his trunks. He wound up for the big punch, Mitch Page blocked it, took the knucks and blasted Bentley. Referee Berlin comes to and counts the pinfall. 1-2-3. Mitch Page is your new EPW Elite Champion….until the referee Berlin sees the knucks on Mitch’s hand which caused the reversed decision.

After the match, Bentley starts talking about how he’s the best EPW Elite champion there’s ever been when Mad Man Pondo’s music hit. Pondo asks for one more shot at the EPW Elite title, Bentley agrees with one stipulation. If Bentley retains the EPW Elite title, Mad Man Pondo will not receive another shot while Bentley is champ. Pondo agreed to the stip but he has a stip of his own. Since Bentley has been claiming he’s a straight up wrestler and beat Pondo with underhanded tactics involving weapons each time they wrestled, he wants a weapons match. More importantly, a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS match!

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Next month, EPW presents “St. Patricks Beatdown” on 3/13 at Jammerz Rollerdrome.

Reed Bentley defends the EPW Elite title against Mad Man Pondo in a fan brings the weapons match (NO GLASS) in your main event of the evening.

Pat Tanaka make his EPW debut.

The EPW Tag Team Title tournament starts and much more!